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四川电大5110139 英语应用语言学测试题二答案

英语应用语言学测试题二试卷总分:100       测试时间:90分钟剩余时间:89分48秒 单项选择题判断题 一、单项选择题(共 15 道试题,共60 分。)1. Language and thought may be viewed as two independent circlesoverlappingin some parts. When languageand thought are identical or closely parallel to each other, we may regardthought as "subvocal speech," and speech as "_______".A. vocal thoughtB. subvocal thought C. covert thought    D.   overt thought    满分:4分2. The term _______ linguistics may be defined as a way of referring to theapproach which studies language change over various periods of time and atvarious historical stages. A. synchronicB. diachronicC. comparative   D. historical comparative   满分:4分3. The branch of linguistics that studies how context influences the wayspeakers interpret sentences is called ___. A. semantics B. pragmatics C. sociolinguistics D. psycholinguistics    满分:4分4. Predication analysis is a way to analyze _______ meaning. A. phonemeB. word C. phrase D. sentence    满分:4分5. The famous quotation from Shakespeare's play “Romeo and Juliet” ‘A roseby any other name would smell as sweet’ well illustrates _______.A. the conventional nature of language B. the creative nature of language C. the universality of languageD. the big difference between humanlanguage and animal communication    满分:4分6. The way in which people address each other depends on their age, sex,social group, and personal relationship. The English system of address formsfrequently used includes first name, last name, title+last name, _______,andkin term. A. title+first nameB. title+titleC. title aloneD. first name+last name+title    满分:4分7. Psychologists, neurologists and linguists have concluded that, inaddition to the motor area which is responsible for physical articulation ofutterances, three areas of the left brain are vital to language, namely, ___ . A. Broca's area, Wernicke's area and theangular gyrus角回 B. Broca's area, Wernicke's area andcerebral cortex C. Broca's area, Wernicke's area andneurons D. Broca's area, Wernicke's area and Exner'sarea    满分:4分8. Of the following sound combinations, only _______ is permissibleaccording to the sequential rules in English.A. kibl B. bkil C. ilkb D. ilbk   满分:4分9. According to Krashen, ___ refers to the gradual and subconciousdevelopment of ability in the first language by using it naturally in dailycommunicative situations. A. learning B. competence C. performance D.   acquisition    满分:4分10. The sentence that has a NP and a VP can be shown in a _______ formula"S→NP VP".A. hierarchical B. linearC. tree diagram D. vertical    满分:4分11. It is the _______ on Case assignment that states that a Case assignorand a Case recipient should stay adjacent to each other.A. Case ConditionB. parameter C. Adjacent Condition D. Adjacent Parameter    满分:4分12. Whcih of the following best states the behaviorist view of childlanguage acquisition?_______.A. Language acquisition is a process ofhabit formation B. Language acquisition is thespecies-specific property of human beings C. Children are born with an innate abilityto acquire language D. Humans are equipped with the neuralprerequisites for language and language use    满分:4分13. ___ refers to a marginal language of few lexical items andstraightforward grammatical rules, used as a medium of communication. A. Lingua franca通用语B. Creole C. Pidgin D.   Standard language标准语言    满分:4分14. Grammatical changes may be explained, in part, as analogic changes,which are ___ or generalization泛化. A. elaboration B. simplification精简 C. external borrowing D. internal borrowing    满分:4分15. According to Searle,those illocutionary acts whose point is to committhe speaker to some future course of action are called _______.A. commisivesB. directivesC. expressivesD. declaratives    满分:4分二、判断题(共 10 道试题,共 40分。)1. Phrase structure rules can generate an infinite number of sentences andsentences with infinite length, due to their recursive properites. A. 错误B. 正确   满分:4分2. Speakers of different languages are capable of distinguishing andrecognizing experiences of the same objective world according to theirrespective different linguistic coding system.A. 错误B. 正确   满分:4分3. An important difference between traditional grammarians and modernlinguists in their study of language is that the former tended toover-emphasize the written form of language and encourage people to imitate the"best authors" for language usage. A. 错误B. 正确   满分:4分4.   We can always tell by the words a compoundcontains what it means because the meaning of a compound is always the sum ofthe meanings of its parts. A. 错误B. 正确   满分:4分5. The sentences "He crazy" and "He be sick all thetime" are both acceptable in Black English vernacular because copuladeletion and habitual be are two famous features of Black English. A. 错误B. 正确   满分:4分6. The conceptualist view of meaning holds that there is no direct linkbetween a symbol and reference, i.e. between language and thought. A. 错误B. 正确   满分:4分7. In first language acquisition children's grammar models exactly afterthe grammar of adult language. A. 错误B. 正确   满分:4分8. Instruction and correction are key factors in child languagedevelopment.A. 错误B. 正确   满分:4分9. In classifying the English consonants and vowels, the same criteria canbe applied. A. 错误B. 正确   满分:4分10. Of the views concerning the study of semantics, the contextual view,which places the study of meaning in the context in which language is used, isoften considered as the initial effort to study meaning in a pragmatic sense. A. 错误B. 正确   满分:4分
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